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Audio & Video Samplings

K.A. Ellis at Covenent College: Proverbs 8

"Proverbs 8: Mama Didn't Raise No Fools" - K.A. Ellis Covenant Chapel Talk

K.A. Ellis Interview with PassTheMic Podcast

Topic: Charlie Hebdo, Discipleship, & Radicalization 

"Karen Ellis helps us understand the dynamics between Islam, the disenfranchisement that leads some down the path of violence, and how Christians should respond. At the heart of Karen's insightful and sensitive analysis is the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christians respond to hate with love, aggression with peace, and darkness with light because their Savior did the same and empowers us to imitate Him." Listen to the interview at PassTheMic, available on Soundcloud. 

"Panel on Persecution"
Perspectives on Justice
"Social Implications of Theism & Non-Theism"
Southeastern Baptist Seminary
"What's in a Name? - Ezekiel 36:16-32"
The AND Campaign: 
"When Theology Clashes with Political Ideology"
The AND Campaign:
"Pimping within Political Parties"
IHOP Kansas City
"The Rise of Ghetto Nihilism"
The AND Campaign:
"The Difference Between Liberal and Conservative"
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